Narratives The Agency

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Narratives The Agency is a multi-brand showroom and consulting business with offices in New York and London. 

We work with a selective roster of independent makers, designers and retailers from around the world.

With over thirty five years combined experience in specialty retail in the US and UK our blend of expertise is a meaningful package for our roster and clients.

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Sam Safer

Sam is an integrated marketer and brand manager with over 15 years experience translating brand messages across touchpoints to reach targeted customers and raise brand awareness for Museums and specialty retail stores. 

Sam is a published author, having written a number of titles on fashion and design.

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Cory Gene Mayes

Cory’s multifaceted experience and expertise includes research and product development, graphics and web design, artist and publisher.  

Cory is a specialist in art and museum related product and enterprise.

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Susan Noonan

An experienced buyer, product developer and retail consultant, Susan built her career at award winning shops such as the V&A, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Royal Botanic Gardens Kew.

An experienced ‘eye,’ with product specialisms in jewellery, fashion and accessories, built over 25 years working in retail and wholesale.

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Crystal May

An experienced buyer, merchandiser and retail director, with a proven entrepreneurial eye, Crystal has specialised in jewellery; from fashion through fine; in retailers ranging from department, museum and international independent multiples.